Tips For Moving with Children

When moving with children, especially babies, keep these tips in mind! Not only will they set your mind at ease in many little ways, but they will also reduce any anxiety young children can feel during this new experience.

  • When packing, have each family member pack an essentials box that you can keep with you at all times. This way, on the first night in your new house or apartment you’ll have your personal essentials handy. Kids can pack pictures, toys, or stuffed animals and books – anything that brings comfort to them. Having these items can also keep them occupied while you finish unpacking and settling in.
  • For babies just beginning to walk or crawl, try to purchase your baby-proofing essentials prior to the move! As you settle in you can attach safety latches and locks, place covers on unused outlets, install corner and edge bumpers, and more as you settle in. You’ll be busy organizing and cleaning, and a curious crawler is bound to be exploring their new home. Give yourself peace of mind by having these items handy to keep your little one safe.
  • With toddlers, discuss the move with them. They can understand so much more than we give them credit for! Leading up to the move, talk about it, have them help you pack their items, and reassure them if any worries come up.
  • When you arrive at your new home, unpack your child(ren)’s room first! This will get that worry out of the way for you, and also comfort them as well. Having their familiar space set up first allows you to finish unpacking and gives them a sense of calm and consistency.
  • Remember the car seat! If you’re renting a moving van, there is likely no space for your car seat, and if you’re moving yourself be mindful about packing your car with so many things that your child feels squished! It’s best to find a sitter to stay with your baby/child while you transport boxes back and forth.
  • Once mostly settled in, make the experience fun for your little one. For babies, enthusiastically carry them around and point things out to them – old and new. For toddlers and older children your move may mean they finally have their own room, or a bigger room. Let them help you customize their new space – pick a paint color, new furniture, etc. Surprise them with a brand new fun comforter set, or a toy. Remember to take pictures!!!


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