“The One” – The Biggest, Costliest Mansion Ever Built!

The most expensive home ever built thus far is here in Los Angeles. Read below to see how amazing this $500,000,000 home is!

Found just above Bel Air’s Stradella Road, overlooking the Santa Monica mountains and DTLA, it is twice the size of The White House, set to include 5 swimming pools, a Monaco-style casino, a two story waterfall, and a 40-seat screening room, just to name a few of its luxuries! Neighbors include Elon Musk and Jennifer Aniston. Located at 944 Airole Way, this isn’t just a mansion. It has created a whole new category with its size, causing developers and city officials to dub it a “gigamansion.” As the name suggests, it is in fact much larger and more grand than a megamansion, which were thought to be the supreme of luxury homes until this 38,000 square foot home was birthed. It holds 20 bedrooms, and 30 bathrooms, with the lucky buyer also gifted a full service staff for two years.

Using a “mountain’s worth of marble” as many articles describe it, this gigmansion also has even more perks: an entirely glass encased library, a privatebowling alley, and a 30 car garage – yes, even some classic cars are included with the selling price of this home. Ready for another amazing architectural feature? Four infinity pools cover the entire home, basically creating a moat around the entire property while also giving the illusion the home is floating on water.

But, in my opinion the most interesting room in this home would be the jellyfish room. Talk about design goals! By replacing walls with real life jellyfish tanks, this room illuminates the complexity and mystery of this room with black lights. I would love to sit in here and experience this! Thank you for reading, you can look forward to more of my findings in future newsletters. If you liked this piece, feel free to contact me with your comments. I love to talk architecture!


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