The City of Downey is Becoming Extra Green!

We all know the importance of reducing all forms of pollution and want a cleaner earth for future generations to enjoy. With a rise in electric cars, more charging stations are needed for these clean air vehicles.

The city of Downey has just announced the completion of eight public electric vehicle charging stations installed at various locations around the city. You can find a charging station at:

  • Furman Park
  • Wilderness Park
  • Rio San Gabriel Park
  • Discovery Park/Columbia Memorial Space Center
  • Independence Park
  • Rio Hondo Golf Course

The South Coast Air Coast Air Quality Management District Local Government Partnership Program provided grant funding to the city, resulting in a ton of energy saving costs for the city along with less greenhouse gas emissions! As if Downey couldn’t get any better, am I right?

Do you own a clean air vehicle? Regardless of your answer, what are your thoughts on these new charging stations? Leave a comment below!


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