Rental-Friendly DIY Ideas

Contact Paper

From contact paper that looks like actual kitchen tile to marble cabinets, this product is a real game changer. It’s inexpensive, and has come a long way since its 1970s debut. Today, you can find CP in a variety of colors and textures at very inexpensive prices. Look online for the best selection and choose a style that will compliment your home or apartment. Work slowly, and be ready to take measurements and cut as you need since it comes in large sheets. Have a straight edge ready to smooth out the paper over whatever surface you’re covering.

If you’re a renter, you know how nice it feels when your apartment really begins to feel like home, even with small purchases here and there. Imagine how great it will feel when you’re done with this project! A style, pattern, or texture that is uniquely “you” will add personality to your space while being easy to remove when your lease is up.


Check Out Some Fun Thrift Stores

Make a day out of it and find a nearby city with thrift stores you can walk around. Find pieces you instantly fall in love with, and be sure they have a place in your home. Some ideas are: mirrors, frames, chests, posters, vases, and books.


Area Rugs and Art 

Both large area rugs and bold art pieces can define and add personality to a space in your home. Be sure to choose pieces that compliment the color scheme already present in your existing furniture, making it easy to buy more statement pieces in the future.


Organize Your Cabinets

Pantry, clothes, and linen closets are all shelved items that once properly organized, make your like so much easier. If you didn’t get my Summer Organization email last month, read on for some helpful tips on how to give yourself less headaches!


A clean and organized home not only makes your life easier and less stressful, but also makes for a happier household. Food item organization will save you tons of space! Check out these canned goods – can you believe that there are about 20 cans in this photo? Give your kitchen storage cabinets a much needed makeover with these helpful tips via A Bowl Full of Lemons.


To avoid being overwhelmed, go step by step when cleaning big projects like this.
First, empty all cabinets. Deep clean shelves and reline if necessary.
Next, organize your bins, jars, baskets, or whatever you’re using to organize. Target and Walmart have a lot of options but you might want to also check out The Container Store! It’s my favorite place in the whole world besides Ikea. There are locations in Pasadena, Costa Mesa, and El Segundo but you can of course always shop online! Your home will soon be insta-worthy!


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