July 2019

Home Buying Checklist: What Happens After Your Offer is Accepted?

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The time, money, and energy spent buying a home can be overwhelming for those that aren't completely given a run-down of what to expect. Things like loan approvals, coming up with a great offer to beat your competition, dealing with your sales contract, and just finding the right house can be much more exhausting [...]

Rental-Friendly DIY Ideas

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Contact Paper From contact paper that looks like actual kitchen tile to marble cabinets, this product is a real game changer. It's inexpensive, and has come a long way since its 1970s debut. Today, you can find CP in a variety of colors and textures at very inexpensive prices. Look online for the best selection and choose a [...]

June 2019

Greek Watermelon Feta Salad

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Here it is! This Greek watermelon feta salad with basil vinaigrette from Half Baked Harvest is a game changer. I've had watermelon salad before with simple argula and feta, but the addition of olives and cucumber here really adds a difference while not weighing the salad down with items that can wilt or become soggy. [...]

Free Community Firework Shows 2019

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Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? The Fourth of July is definitely upon us, and if you still don’t have any plans be sure to check out any of these community events! Each one is free and will have a lot of family friend activities and of course food vendors. If [...]

Upcoming Community Events

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Understanding the importance of community is something that I heavily stress to my clientele. Buying property is just the topline portion in comparison to the depth of investing. Whether buying a home where one’s family will begin to plant their roots or renting an apartment to live in for the next year, any home decision [...]

November 2018

October 2018

Prop 10 – Everything You Need To Know

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First off, what is Proposition 10? Its full, formal name is the Local Rent Control Initiative, and it’s going to be on the ballot this November 2018. It’s an initiative that seeks to repeal a current act (Costa-Hawkins). The repealing of this act will allow local governments to take on rent control “ordinances” which are [...]

Ready for a DIY Home Project?

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Hi Everyone :) This easy project can revamp your house and takes less than 2 hours to complete in total. Many people don’t know this, but I love working on DIY home projects! They add a personable touch to your living space and create wonderful memories in the process. Your home is a reflection of [...]

Would you like $1000?

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Do you know anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home, and would benefit from the Sergio Angulo Homes Team? Tell me about them below, and I’ll be happy to reach out! For each person you refer that successfully closes a transaction, you will receive a $1000 Visa gift card! Simple! Easy! Fast! [...]

“The One” – The Biggest, Costliest Mansion Ever Built!

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The most expensive home ever built thus far is here in Los Angeles. Read below to see how amazing this $500,000,000 home is! Found just above Bel Air’s Stradella Road, overlooking the Santa Monica mountains and DTLA, it is twice the size of The White House, set to include 5 swimming pools, a Monaco-style casino, [...]